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The premier commercial landscaping company specializing in services and installation for commercial complexes, muti-family complexes & Homeowner's Associations (HOAs) in northern Nevada. Our mission is to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial & residential communities by designing and maintaining exceptional landscapes tailored to the unique needs and preferences of your tenants/homeowners. Our dedicated team of experts combines cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and a deep understanding of the local environment to create vibrant outdoor spaces that enhance your community's curb appeal and value.

At Crown Landscape Inc., we recognize the importance of a well-designed and meticulously maintained landscape in fostering a harmonious and thriving community. By partnering with our clients, we strive to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes that not only make a lasting impression on residents and visitors but also promote a sense of pride and belonging within the community. With a passion for cultivating breathtaking outdoor environments and a reputation for exceptional customer service, Crown Landscape is your trusted partner in transforming your community into a lush and inviting oasis.

Discover the Crown Landscape difference today and embark on a journey towards a greener, more beautiful tomorrow for your community.

Our Services

Commercial Landscape

It’s important to create a professional and appealing image of your business, which starts with the exterior. Our full-service commercial landscaping company delivers the best landscape design, landscape installation, and landscape maintenance services in Reno...

Commercial Landscape

As commercial property owners or business owners working in a competitive environment, it’s crucial to create a landscape that impresses your guests and entices them to enter your establishment. A clean, concise landscape design can help create a positive first impression with...

Apartment Landscape

Our mission is to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your multi-family property by crafting exceptional landscape designs that cater to the unique needs of your residents. Our experienced team of experts combines cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and a...

Reno, NV HOA Services

When it comes to HOA landscape maintenance services, you need an experienced, dedicated team to properly handle all of your community needs. We provide exceptional landscaping maintenance and irrigation services for HOAs. Each of our irrigation technicians is certified and trained to properly assess...

Local Pest Control Services

Crown Landscape offers commercial pest control services in Reno, NV. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in managing pests for businesses and landlords. We handle a variety of pests, including ants, spiders, bed bugs, bees, rodents, and more. Our methods include traditional and green pest control...

Northern Nevada Snow Removal

Due to the heavy snowfall that can accumulate in Reno during the winter months, Crown Landscape offers snow removal services to its commercial clients. Our snow removal services in Reno & Sparks are available all throughout the snow season - if there’s snow on the ground, we’ll be there. We provide complete Reno snow removal...
  • “We have used Crown Property Care/Crown Pest Control for 10+ years. We are impressed by Crown’s ability to complete all work in a timely manner. They have always been dependable, accurate and have a strong sense of customer service. They have extensive knowledge and the ability to trouble shoot problems with our irrigation system or any other area in their field. The employees are always courteous and friendly to all residents and staff. They are instrumental with providing us with great curb appeal, which leads to more traffic and happy residents. Crown has displayed the qualities to put them over and above the rest. Crown Property Care/Crown Pest Control is an asset to our company and we strongly recommend them.”
    Tina Velasquez, Property Manager
  • "Best company out there! Shawn and his crew definitely go hard to get business taken care of! The crew has made such an amazing change to our apartment/townhome community. They've brought our property back to life! Thorough, honest, reliable, detail oriented and everyone always has an amazing attitude!"
    Jessica Martinez
  • "Have been using Crown Landscape and Crown Pest Control for over ten years now. They have always done a great job and have highly trained personal. They have the manpower to take on some of my largest jobs including apartment communities exceeding 500 units."
    Lance Bergeron
  • "Fabulous company to have maintain your landscaping. They go above and beyond to take care of our needs and maintain our property to our high expectations. The owner Shawn is very responsive to anything we need and we love having them work on our property. Thank you Shawn and team!!!"
    Jaicee Eastland
  • “Shawn has excellent and extensive knowledge of the plants and trees in this area. He extends proper care and treatment to all landscaping. Crown Property Care always goes above and beyond when it comes to the care of our property. The entire staff is friendly, considerate and efficient. All repairs are done immediately and correctly. We highly recommend Crown Property Care for all of your landscaping needs. They are the best.”
    Corenna Vance, General Manager

Your Reno Commercial Landscaping Needs 
Met With The Crown Touch

Crown Landscaping & Pest Control has been servicing Northern Nevada since 1989, and we still love doing it. It takes a deep desire and requires special knowledge to stay current with our ever-changing Northern Nevada climate. From keeping up-to-date on the latest water conservation measures to the cutting edge of pest control technology, we are always looking for ways to introduce greener practices that are safe and effective for your family and the environment. Creating, protecting, and caring for your castle has been our priority since 1989 and has continued to motivate the quality work we perform each day.

Our Reno commercial landscaping services and Northern Nevada pest control solutions are tailored to meet your needs. It is with superior attention to detail, fine-tuned skills, and the utmost respect for your property that we promise to work harder and smarter than any other company in the region. After all, you deserve the royal treatment.


Master Landscaping Services & Pest Control in Northern Nevada

Experience the Crown Touch

Quality Control With Aspire

At Crown Landscape we understand the importance of real-time data and transparency in the commercial landscape industry. That's why we utilize Aspire Software with GPS tracking to provide instantaneous results to our clients. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to monitor when our crews are on your property, performing our award-winning services, and when we complete them. Additionally, our custom customer portal gives you access to invoices, bids, time-stamped service requests, and service completion, this with our Pro-Active approach is just a few of the reasons why Crown Landscape rules above the rest.

Community Care & Involvement

As a longtime member of the Truckee Meadows community, Crown is proud to give back to the people and the place we love so much by supporting several local organizations.

Dedication and Expertise

Since 1989, we have been servicing commercial properties with pest control and landscaping solutions throughout Northern Nevada with tremendous pride, and it shows.

Green Landscaping Practices

We believe it’s our job to help maintain a greener planet which is why we’ve implemented several green landscaping services and eco-friendly pest control solutions into our practices.

Commercial Landscape Installation

We have the ability to assess the current landscape, address areas that need attention, and suggest design landscaping options that highlight and improve your building’s exterior. We also ensure your project is compliant with all local regulations and codes, which will be considered during the design.


Enhance your commercial landscape with a stunning pond installation that adds natural beauty and tranquility to your property.


Streamline your commercial landscape installation project with our expert planning services, ensuring a well-executed and visually pleasing outdoor environment.


Elevate your commercial landscape with tasteful decorations during the installation process, adding a touch of aesthetic charm to your outdoor spaces.


Transform your commercial landscape with our professional paving services, creating durable and visually appealing pathways and surfaces.
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